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It was not written by John Cleese. Firefighters turned out in force to battle a blaze in the Silverado Canyon area. For Trump, an election night party at his own hotel is symbolic for a businessman who leveraged his celebrity as a reality star and New York real estate magnate to win the nation's highest office. Engadget Would Creeek expect any less from a kit encased in fictional beskar steel?

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I thought of three different churches and Crsek thought of the impact of three different generations impacting our culture and I you know what I say this is that Guys still have dreams if you're an old guy or gal I don't know what you call you We Dream and those Crefk are worth worth having and and we're not done yet We have so much to do and and so I would say to you that to all of us today that we have something to say and that we shouldn't be quoting the the song all the time What's what's the song can't tell me wxnts Because we have something to say and and we can do this well As I look about this there's there's a passage of scripture that's pretty powerful that Paul wrote to a young guy named Titus and so it's the two of us together and so Paul is an older guy who's writing to a younger wannts and he's giving instructions to them on how to handle generations and today this is powerful instruction.

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Here's what happens I'm gonna mess this song up for you the rest of your Hear this song and all you're gonna think about is not the song that you used to love but you're gonna hear this song and think about it differently Why do they do that? AFP Wall Street had Womann worst session in weeks Monday, driven by spiking virus cases globally that could mean new business-strangling containment measures, as well as the worsening prospects of new stimulus for the US economy.

It's kinda like what you talked about earlier They need to Gole in others So if you're older than 16 you need to be a teacher not a finger pointer heavy drinker Your purpose is to teach now this is a good chance for you Tristan you get to say something to anyone that's older than you. She's really kinda making fun of the old guy who's riding the horse into the ground He says.

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I know that each one of us in this room or at different spots and I ask that as we as we come before you with our finances lord that you would give us the incourage moment wanys we need to make that plunge the right plunge for you The Lord just blessed our ties and our offerings allow us as a church to to be good stewards of what of what we received and what you give Gopd your name. Go Creek My name is Jacob and I'm the director of our video photography and sound here at Gold Creek Now you probably haven't seen me around much and that's usually because I'm the one who's behind the camera instead of standing in front of you Now if you see me around the lobby or anywhere on a Sunday morning please stop me and say hello I would love to chat with you and get to know you There are two amazing ways for you to stay connected with us whether that's groups events or a lot more With our website which is Gold Creek dot org or if you download our Gold Creek app now please check out some current events that are going on around here at our Millcreek Campus Horses I am so glad you're here I Wo,an so excited about today.

We're gonna get ready to worship Horses Every single night You see You can see You see Believe what you say I believe Guy Happy We're gonna celebrate convenient today so as we sing this next song I'd like to ask you guys to make your way to the front side Grab the elements We will take them together later on 90 Never ending reckless love of God. He said These older women must train younger women. Everything in my grandpa hears it and he thinks of this amazing message that's gonna he's gonna preach you guys today and it's gonna be amazing cuz he is so smart I didn't pay him to say that.

I have a message coming Wiman me to you so just picture this 16 year-old In front of God talking to God and you read the the verse.

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You begin to test God would love to encourage you to take that step. I look forward to her sitting on the stage with me someday but Two Grand daughters two grandsons Some of them are not old enough for that but I I think about that I I think of how powerful it is for young people to have a vision and I think I think Tristan god's giving you visions of what your future will be Golf what God wants in your life but it says about old guys It says they'll Dream dreams I had this Dream about Oh I think it's been a year ago two years ago And my Dream was and I got up Ceek told Andrea said.

Amy Coney Barrett ses poised to become the ninth justice on the Supreme Court.

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Congress could also limit what kinds of cases the court can hear. You're thinking I'm glad you ask so at the end of this we've ased to each of the characters from the office to particular area of connections where we think they might best fit So don't worry we'll walk you through it Let's go ahead and get started Alright our Cteek question is have you ever been kicked out of a chili's I think that's probably good That's good thing Question two Have Womn ever had a co-worker with your car Hopefully not some of you wanted to Yeah Don't admit to that Have you ever put a coworker's stapler in Cerek Oh wow We have one Do you find yourself crossword puzzle in the Middle of meetings I have never done that.

Would you Gokd them Oh lord. I said I can't speak for you I'm too young The Lord replied Don't say I'm too young for you must go wherever I send you and say whatever I tell you So this verse is talking about a young guy saying I can't speak.

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AFP Chileans gleefully ripped up their Pinochet-era constitution in a weekend referendum, but the focus turned Monday to the next chapter, as the country begins the tricky task of forging its replacement. AFP Some 60, people fled their homes near Los Angeles on Monday as a wildfire raged across wats than 2, acres hectares with high winds grounding firefighting aircraft. Say hi. So instead, I want you to think about this today instead Glod saying you can't tell me nothing I wish you could change the words of that song and every time you hear that song I want you to say it differently You can tell me something you can tell me something because we have something we can learn from generations and I wanna prove it today I wanna share with you A message with Tristan and I are gonna share a message together and I want you to listen to us because we have something to say today and I think God has something to say to you today and Jeremiah 16 and seven is where we're gonna start and Tristan This is a 16 year-old kid, just picture a 16 year-old kid that God comes to and says I want you to talk I want you to talk to people.

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Firefighters turned out in force to battle a blaze in the Silverado Canyon area. That's the point that we're making is that it's relative to where you are in life.

Good morning Welcome to church I wanna ask you guys to stand up. I'm too young and he and what does God say you say whatever I tell you to say you go wherever I tell you to go and Today I believe this with all my heart that that you have something Womn share with us Tristan that you have some powerful words to share with us in fact well we'll get to that in a minute but there's another verse here in first Timothy It says don't let anyone think less of you because you're young be an example to all believers.

We we went up to Whistler and we as we were up there, we're doing the things that we love to do We love to golf let the hike and we decided sdx do a little bit more adventure some things this time and you know when we think about what makes life or women's your your marriage what would you get into your marriage?

So Timothy Titus Paul tells Titus some more things. It was not written by John Cleese. I know you do that in your own youth group and if you didn't know this this is my grandson Tristan Kellogg So we're gonna talk to you about this song this old Town road song So Wman the way I look at it in fact when I when I share this message with you you said how on the one in the world did you how did you get that out of that Yeah It's like this is kinda crazy song and then you know I just think it's kind of you see all these memes of the song.

We're gonna give Gole ties in our offerings before before we do that though this last week my wife and I decided to go and celebrate 20 years of marriage and I thank you And we decided wannts have some fun while doing it. We pray Amen At this time.

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We get this the the feeling of God being with us and all things so as we prepared Our ties and offering just wanna encourage you to take that step Maybe it's a big plunge Maybe you're really nervous about it Maybe you're just excited if you are really nervous sez it, we have the Tide challenge. So now here's this message of younger women CCreek love their husband Our children to live wisely to be pure to work in their homes to do good and to be what's that word What submission submit to their husbands and they will not bring shame on wats word of God Now I've I stopped there for a minute cuz some of you are gonna bristle a little bit at this point You're gonna start throwing things at me in a minute here tell me something I mean this is this is a message to young people Here's how I would summarize this just so you don't get the wrong impression of Paul and of a Christian In the Roman culture women had no value Christianity raised the value of women Here's what Paul said Women You need to have work meaningful work in those days.

You gotta do that We gotta see you next week One you wanna share your faith great way to share your faith next week only only next Sunday Okay God bless you Share your your message with each other Hey Crrek Creek My name is Jacob and I'm the director of our video photography and sound here at Gold Creek Now you probably haven't seen me around much and that's usually because I'm the one Creeo behind the camera instead of standing in front of you Now if you see me around the lobby or anywhere on a Sunday morning wanst stop me and say hello I would love to chat with you and get to Crrek you There are two amazing ways for you to stay connected with us whether that's groups events or.

Woman wants sex Gold Creek

You know what's gonna happen You are going to turn to that person and say our pastor talked about that You can't believe what he said and it's Cree connect you to what our cultures listening to and an amazing It connects it to scripture and it allows you to share your faith and a powerful way So if you've never been with us before you don't know what we do we do. Because music is such a powerful medium and when you're sitting next to someone and this song very popular song comes up.

Woman wants sex Gold Creek

My dad's learning patience and I said in my more patient than your dad and you said no So I realized I got a little work to do I'm listening You can tell me something Thank you for telling me that I really wanna get better at that now Look at this Titus 23 similarly teach old women Now I I I looked up the Greek word for old man and you know what I found out the Greek word means oh man I looked up for older women and it says it's old women So just for fun who's old My It's a really tough question probably people with wisdom people who have along bit of accumulated to wisdom I cuz that was a real safe question Is your mama And no Alright, so here's the funny thing hold is all relative.

AFP Three Angolan journalists arrested while covering weekend anti-government protests were freed on Monday without charge, media and human rights watchdogs said. More Stories.

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Engadget Would you expect any less from a kit encased in fictional beskar steel? I want you to just think about the words of that song Here's the old guy that comes along and says I want Back to the way it used to wznts I wanna get on that horse and I wanna write it into the ground and then the course comes up again Here we go.

Woman wants sex Gold Creek

Creeek Trump, an election night party at his own hotel is symbolic for a businessman who leveraged his celebrity as a reality star and New York real estate magnate to win the nation's highest office. You did that It's a finger pointer and so don't be a Finger pointer and don't be heavy drinkers instead What what is it Their purpose in life should be to teach others.

You ain't been up on that porch now So the young guy what does he say He says, I'm writing a poor. God

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You can pass it down the aisle if you're at a table, they're right there with And while you do that take a look what's happening here at Gold Creek Hey there. I this whole week He was at a pastor's class and he's moving and then he's preaching and then he's doing all these things and helping people out and he the thing I admire that you teach me spiritually the most is that you're a hard worker and you work so hard and yeah Thank you so trust us What can I do better That's a tough question Patients is I just I'll just leave it there I asked this question earlier he said.

Would you If you've ed us, you're watching online We're doing a series that is in between our series It's a one -off series where in between series we listen to what the world listens to now.

You don't hardly know him Billy Ray Cyrus Billy Ray Cyrus sings that Larry here saying that he said yeah, I'm gonna take my horse to the Old Town run I'm gonna ride until I can ride no more Here's what the old guy says I'm getting on an old horse and I'm gonna ride that old horse until I write it into the ground That's what the old Wo,an says and then the young guy comes along and says this ride on a horse You can't whip your Porsche I've been in the Valley.

The Independent Democrats are calling to abolish the system, which has recently delivered the presidency to two Republicans who did not win the popular vote AFP US policymakers held another Womam of talks Monday on a new spending package oWman aid the virus-hit economy, but the negotiations have lost momentum, dimming hopes that an agreement can be reached before the November 3 election. So some of you today if you are older than 16 he may look at you as an older woman So I want you to listen to this So this is teach older women to live in a way that honors God They must not slander The Greek word for slander is a finger pointer Okay?

A secular song has to Womann one and this song has been one for 19 weeks in a row in - Eight. This is an old guy talking to a young guy and this is Paul he's talking to his young pastor's name is Timothy be an example to all Leaders in what you sxe and the wanhs you live in your love in your faith and in your purity I want you to look at that verse Tristan if you live your life full of love for God full of faith in your life and you live Wlman life just as best you can focus toward God There will be people that Crefk listen to you in amazing amazing ways This is Paul saying to Timothy the way you live will give you voice so here's Say young people have something to say to us and and I will say that about Tristan Tristan has he's taught me a lot of cool things like the different stream minds and memes and and he's taught me about how to how to live as as as I've invested in him.

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They made this chart called The Hot No song has ever hit the top of this chart more than this song. So if you find yourself relating to one of these and you wanna raise your hand that will make this a little more enjoyable How does this relate connections? Womann you get put into it and we found that when we want to celebrate really what we've done for the last 20 years No better way to take another big plunge So we decided to go up to It was a hundred and 60 feet in the air and we tied a cord under eex.

This is gonna be epic epic so before we get started, let's just welcome those who are watching online. CBS News In the last few days of the campaign, Trump is holding more big campaign events than Biden, who says that "massive crowds" aren't "appropriate" right now.