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What is ak hole


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Publications Larsen, AK. Astray, A A.

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Club drug info — the loop

However, the crucial patterns of brain activity were seen during the second phase. From js, knowledge, skills and attitudes are explored. It's what happens when one takes a high enough dose of ketamine that they feel what's described as a separation of mind and body.

Two cohorts completed the programme between and Special reference to ICT. That drug just happened to be ketamine in this case. Sheep-on-ketamine study reveals what happens when you fall into a "k-hole" The brain isn't dead or damaged, but the lights are out.

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In Frost. They also took EEG readings of their cerebral cortices to see how the brain's electrical activity matches up with their drug experiences.

What is ak hole

Social Work Education, Vol 27, Issue 6, pp Abstract This paper focuses on how technology used by the Virtual Classroom for Social Work in Europe VIRCLASS enables the development of multimedia learning material, creates a supportive learning environment for students and teachers, and promotes communication across national borders. Things seem chaotic while lots of information is being exchanged during conversations at different tables.

The research data are descriptive and based on both quantitative and qualitative data collected over a two years period and within a pragmatic approach. Larsen, AK. With a common curriculum, a study-program rewarded with 15 ECTS credits and using A-F marks many of the elements from the Bologna-process are met.

What is ak hole

A few minutes later, the sheep brains were functioning normally again, Morton added. Leira, Portugal, April Larsen, AK: Presentation of the use of it's learning in an international classroom and development and use of a digital learning material in e-learning courses.

What is ak hole

New Learning Cultures: how do we learn? We already know that ketamine works by inhibiting the action NMDA receptors in the brain, which is one way it causes a dissociative state. There's a lot hile talking, but not a lot of information being exchanged.

Ketamine seizures and other potential side effects (& dangers)

The paper discusses the impact on the teachers' role of using a Virtual Book with ao lectures, audio-visual triggers and a video-case. See the Powerpoint Arias Astray, A. Presentation at the 7th Congresso da Cercilei — Liberdade condicionada pela diferenca.

What is ak hole

How can e-learning courses in social work contributes to the development of professional competences? Content and De. In turn, the six sheep who received the highest doses of ketamine had very different patterns of brain activity shortly after getting dosed.

K-hole and the effects of ketamine

During the second phase of a ketamine high, the team observed oscillations between lower frequency theta waves and higher frequency gamma waves. Inter-university seminar: social intervention in immigration, violence and gender.

What is ak hole

Scientific Wyat Over the course of several months, the researchers gave 12 sheep escalating doses of the drug from 0. One ificant outcome of this programme has been that the process of developing a common curriculum plan and the learning material has triggered the development of digital competence on the part of the teachers.

It's hard to dig out of a 'k-hole'

The study suggests that this strange moment — when activity seemed to cease — ls represent what happens in the brain after a k-hole fall. Read the paper.

What is ak hole

Astray, A A. Students from 11 countries in Europe participated, and their reception of this material and learning outcomes from using it are analysed and presented. Morton's work suggests that this oscillating behavior between two brain waves continues even after the sheep recovered from sedation or at least appeared to. Sheep brains and human hile are far from perfect parallels, and the team was only imaging the cerebral cortex. - publications and presentations

But thanks to some sheep in England who accidentally fell into a k-hole, researchers are very close to understanding. You can think of that as a conversation in a busy restaurant. The brain is processing reality and exchanging information, in a uniform but very different way. Abstract: Ketamine is a valuable anesthetic and analgesic that in recent years has gained notoriety as a recreational drug.

What is ak hole

Virtual learning materials 1. Emma Betuel 6. Beyond its anesthetic actions, however, the effects of ketamine on brain activity have rarely been probed.

What is ak hole

Wgat The steps taken and the elements included in the Virtual Book — A Guide to Social Work in Europe are presented in details to inform others who are planning to make virtual learning materials. This helps explain the drug's dissociative effects, including the experience of falling into a k-hole.

K-hole and the effects of ketamine

Where do we learn? Teachers from eight European countries were involved in the course. A general anesthetic once popular as a rave drug, ketamine has gained traction as a novel tool aak treating depression.