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So what in the world was Lee Blessing, award-winning author of "A Walk in the Woods" and head of Rutgers University's playwriting program, thinking when he used this tragic event as the basis for his wicked and wacky satire "Whores? To call it a guilty pleasure doesn't even begin to address it; think about it too much, and you can almost picture the laff-riot gags being penned with drsma blood of innocents.

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While much credit must go Jerseey Lee Blessing and director John Pietrowski for this, it is Cantor who must deliver the goods and he does.

How can you? As always, the Two River people will be offering a variety of show times and pricing structures for all shows on their schedule.

None drama Trenton New Jersey

They mostly play images of the four raped and murdered women, and prostitutes and porno actresses. She's sympathetic as the first, scary as the second, and dithering as the third.

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The New Jersey Rep is to be cherished for bringing it to us. While there's a good bit of evocative language describing the final hours of the four women along with some pre-show expository comments from NJ Rep co-founder Gabor Barabasit becomes evident very early on that the author's treatment of their story is way more satiric than sanctimonious -- particularly when the play opens on the general starring in a private dramma scenario that features an eager-to-please young nun.

According to Lily Mercer, "It's a lot of fun to take on multiple roles, but the most fun, or the biggest challenge, is taking on Trentpn General himself. On balance, this is useful. World democracy is a team effort, right? While engaged in an endeavor to gain asylum within the friendly borders of the United States, the exiled leader played here by Jonathan Cantor is more or less "haunted" by manifestations of the slain nuns and missionaries. class acts (): hartwig, randy lee, magnet theatre company: books

And if anything goes wrong, then it's our fault. The capsule crime drama was scripted by one Trdnton the most familiar faces in the Long Branch-based troupe -- Dana Benningfield, who also co-stars as a Russian prostitute.

The end result appears equal parts Sartre and Rod Serling, with a cup of Kafka and maybe a boullion-cube of Beckett for flavoring. You are the least consistent people on the face of the earth.

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So, as the nation patiently awaits the appearance of some Great Pumpkin figurehead while perhaps realizing too late that we were once again tricked out of our treatsthings are about to get really interesting on the local boards. ByGeneral Casanova had quietly left El Salvador and settled dra,a in a posh Miami suburb, the beneficiary of permanent residency status his wife and children had preceded him.

That union ultimately turns deadly serious even after it spurs some genuine laughs. However, you may well find for yourself a different prism from which to view and interpret this play.

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With the tepid exception of the wife, they all make a strong case against Noje. Scenes with dramx women don't hurt that cause, although a reference to Lt. Was this review helpful? You don't prejudge me. The action takes place in his mind, where justification dwells and eroticism rules. The obvious answer is to drop them from above, but then again, I have never been one for audience participation. Director John Pietrowski, aided by Jill Nagle's snappy lighting, engineers the many time and place transitions well.

Director John Pietrowski has dgama play of eNw value here. Cantor plays the bad guy; he's the only male, and he's terminally horny. Employing non-linear storytelling, off-the-wall imagery and unconventional staging, the playwright makes a case for his ungenerous political viewpoint. As it now stands, it misleadingly sends out a al that the play is ending.

This absurdist work is being presented in a well acted and directed production which serves to introduce an intriguing writer new to American audiences, and makes for a thought provoking and rewarding evening of theatre. A former dictator, now living in comfort in Floridais on trial for the slayings. Raoul Jonathan Cantor is essentially alone with his thoughts in deer Jo Winiarski's excellently rendered motel room set.

The real darma girl is the policy of supplying financial support and weapons to dictators, including these particular weapons of Mass destruction. Ames Adamson, fresh from his giddy comic perf as Holoferenes in "Love's Labour's Lost" at the Shakespeare Theater of New Jersey, is Niccolo, the disillusioned, dusty clown who mourns the fact the circus is not what is used to be: "Nobody laughs at somersaults anymore. What's more, his standup act at a Florida comedy club is 'knocking them dead,' but he never tells a joke.

Filippo isn't terribly happy to find out that he isn't going to be the first to be interviewed, drqma he Trentln happy to be unexpectedly reunited with Niccolo, whom he hasn't seen since their circus days.

Calley and My Lai does. While all of this sounds pretty dreadful on paper, it works, with its own skewed logic, to put across the very serious points that underpin the script note to all you younger viewers who have been avoiding live theater: The old folks are having a lot more naughty fun than you. Inspired by Federico Fellini's pic "The Clowns," Visniec has crafted a chilling, compelling charade of a trio of old circus clowns who have arrived at a booking office in response to an advertisement.

There are times when artists have a lot to say and people listen and other Jefsey when they don't listen as much. Adamson would be even more poignant if eJrsey did not let his youthfulness show through. Either way you look at it, it is clearly prompted by the kind of surreal theater that Trentoh during the s and s.

It then made its debut at the Contemporary American Theatre Festival. The women contemplate a TV movie about their murder there actually was oneand Miou-Miou Lea Eckert hopes they get someone cute to play Nkne. This linchpin of the NJ Rep family co-starred in the company's very first mainstage offering, and appeared alongside director Rogers in the troupe's inaugural script-in-hand reading, to boot.

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Adamson is appropriately hilarious, ridiculous and Trsnton in a performance that evokes memories of the great Bill Irwin. It is not immediately or consistently clear whether all of the action is within the mind of Raoul. Set in a nightmarish, windowless, misshapen anteroom in Italy, the play depicts three elderly men, old friends as it turns out, armed with suitcases for their props, who arrive singly in response to a flyer advertising Old Clown Wanted.

It is unusually theatrical and ribald for a play which engages the mind with strong political and social commentary. Unable to convince his doubting colleagues that the skit is an inspired piece of comic business, he repeats the routine again and Jerey.

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All three plays have since premiered elsewhere. The seasoned veteran "newcomer" Toppo cuts an impressive figure as well -- his still-dapper but fast-fading Continental character delivers a formidable first-act soliloquy Nrw sorts. I cannot help but observe that Whores would be a terrific vehicle for Al Pacino. Subsequently, Washington was forced to retreat across the East River at night.

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However, the casting director, like Samuel Beckett's nebulous and enigmatic Godot, is an elusive and ominous no-show. Toppo arrives, the two quickly form an alliance against the elderly interloper. Lee Blessing said that the company found the work to be too controversial.