A modern home design

When you hear the word ranch style home what comes to your mind is an image of small dilapidated place with no style whatsoever. However new home designs brings to you some of the advantages of having a ranch style home built from scratch.

Ranch Style Houses are great for the very Young and the Elderly

Since a ranch home has a single storey only it can be great for the seniors as well as the rug rats. After all since there are no stairs to climb its easier on the seniors knees and small kids won’t be tempted to crawl up the stairs if there are none present. House builders like Hotondo homes can provide you with some excellent home style ideas to help you make a decision.

So if you are an elderly couple or a family with toddlers you know that the ranch style living is actually ideal for your family.

Great for Small families

home-design-and-plans-pleasing-first-floorIf you are a couple looking to move into a home or a family with let’s say one kid then a ranch style home is great for you. They don’t occupy much space but can be a great way to live in a space which is cozy as well. However the single plain windows often pose a problem in extreme weather most homeowners make do with this one basic drawback.

Best for Indoor- Outdoor Living

Since ranch homes are built on one storey they greatly promote indoor-outdoor flow. This can be further accentuated by using French windows and having great big backyards. This allows people to have a great time and relax outdoors when the weather permits. It even provides great space for kids to spend their energy playing and having fun.

Turn the Shallow Sloped Roof to Your Advantage

Most designers and homeowners look down upon the shallow sloped roof design of the ranch home because it looks outdated. It may seem to belong to a bygone era, however this can be turned to the homeowners advantage. Having sky lights installed on the roof is easier and also helps you save up on the energy bills making your home more energy efficient too.

Home Designs that are Easy on the Pocket

If you are on a budget and looking to have a new home built than ranch style home designs can help you save on lots of cash. Since there won’t be extra floors or too much space you can save up on things like furniture and fittings. Similarly less area to construct means less product being used and also that your home can be built in the shortest time!

Things to keep in Mind when having your Ranch styled home Designed from scratch

  • Make sure your ranch style home has some extra insulation. This can be done by having shutters installed on the windows. These shutters not only give the home an aesthetic appeal but can also help your home stay insulated during extreme weather conditions.
  • Most ranch style homes have small bathrooms and kitchens. Have a detailed talk with your designer to let them know of any specific needs which you might have like having a shower with a roller shutter instilled in the backyard.