Communication And Journalism Courses

Nowadays, when you meet someone, the question of what you do will almost always come up and even though you may want to proudly talk about your career, the unfortunate thing is that most young people can never really explain their career to people, especially their parents. 

This is because most people see journalism as either of two things: a person sitting pretty behind a camera or dodging bullets and bombs in a war zone. However, the reality is that journalism is a whole lot more than just that and sometimes, it is actually quite a dull day in the office like many other disciplines and yet, it still continues to be hands down one of the most vibrant fields to work in. Some of the tasks in journalism seem to be relatively easy such as reading the bulletin but there is actually a whole lot of training that goes into even the simplest of tasks.

Diploma and bachelor programs

While getting in on the ground floor of journalism, a diploma would be the ideal way to go and there are a number of options you could choose from. Journalism is a broad field with a number of different specified fields and the major or minor you choose will determine where you will be settled in your career. Diploma programs in journalism range from advertising to public relations. This is where you determine your future in the field, whether you are going to be in the field, behind the camera in production or simply in front of the camera, delivering the bulletin. Yes, production is also one of the many options housed under the journalism umbrella. In recent years, journalism programs, all the way up to the graduate diploma levels, have included digital media and marketing due to the fast-paced technological advancement.

To really cement your position in the field, you may want to consider a bachelor degree. The four-year program will get you all the knowledge and practice you need to keep up in the world of contemporary journalism. If you are still unsure about which field you want to begin your education, then don't worry. There are many courses out there to suit whatever your needs such as a Bachelor of Business: Travel and Tourism which will teach you the skills required by the travel and tourism industry.

Now that you have already made up your mind about studying journalism, the next question should be where you are going to study. In the US, a young high school student hoping to study mechanical engineering would set his/her sights on MIT or Caltech while another looking to study political science would be interested in Georgetown or Princeton. In the same way, someone looking to acquire a bachelor degree in journalism would be best suited in such institutions as the New York University, Sheffield University in the UK and the University of Melbourne in Australia. However, if you don’t manage to secure a position in one of those universities, you could always opt for a similar institution.

If you are dreaming about being the next Anderson Cooper or Christiane Amanpour, then you should definitely be looking for a journalism diploma or bachelor course today, if you are not sure where to look then I suggest you check out this page which offers great courses, options and facilities. The entire academic journey would take you roughly four years -  twelve months for the diploma course (or longer if you are a part time student) and an additional three years to achieve the bachelor degree. However, if you enrolled directly for the bachelor program, the whole process will take you four years during which you will have both theoretic and the practical skills needed to be a weathered journalist.

New Home Designs – Why the Ranch Style Home is Your Best Bet

A modern home design

When you hear the word ranch style home what comes to your mind is an image of small dilapidated place with no style whatsoever. However new home designs brings to you some of the advantages of having a ranch style home built from scratch.

Ranch Style Houses are great for the very Young and the Elderly

Since a ranch home has a single storey only it can be great for the seniors as well as the rug rats. After all since there are no stairs to climb its easier on the seniors knees and small kids won’t be tempted to crawl up the stairs if there are none present. House builders like Hotondo homes can provide you with some excellent home style ideas to help you make a decision.

So if you are an elderly couple or a family with toddlers you know that the ranch style living is actually ideal for your family.

Great for Small families

home-design-and-plans-pleasing-first-floorIf you are a couple looking to move into a home or a family with let’s say one kid then a ranch style home is great for you. They don’t occupy much space but can be a great way to live in a space which is cozy as well. However the single plain windows often pose a problem in extreme weather most homeowners make do with this one basic drawback.

Best for Indoor- Outdoor Living

Since ranch homes are built on one storey they greatly promote indoor-outdoor flow. This can be further accentuated by using French windows and having great big backyards. This allows people to have a great time and relax outdoors when the weather permits. It even provides great space for kids to spend their energy playing and having fun.

Turn the Shallow Sloped Roof to Your Advantage

Most designers and homeowners look down upon the shallow sloped roof design of the ranch home because it looks outdated. It may seem to belong to a bygone era, however this can be turned to the homeowners advantage. Having sky lights installed on the roof is easier and also helps you save up on the energy bills making your home more energy efficient too.

Home Designs that are Easy on the Pocket

If you are on a budget and looking to have a new home built than ranch style home designs can help you save on lots of cash. Since there won’t be extra floors or too much space you can save up on things like furniture and fittings. Similarly less area to construct means less product being used and also that your home can be built in the shortest time!

Things to keep in Mind when having your Ranch styled home Designed from scratch

  • Make sure your ranch style home has some extra insulation. This can be done by having shutters installed on the windows. These shutters not only give the home an aesthetic appeal but can also help your home stay insulated during extreme weather conditions.
  • Most ranch style homes have small bathrooms and kitchens. Have a detailed talk with your designer to let them know of any specific needs which you might have like having a shower with a roller shutter instilled in the backyard.

What You Should Know about Cosmetic Surgery

A surgeon measuring womans face for cosmetic surgeryIf you would like to make yourself look prettier or more attractive you may have thought of going to a cosmetic surgeon. They could actually help reshape your features in a way to make you look more attractive. However there are certain things which you should know before you trust yourself with a cosmetic surgeon.

Keep in mind that

  • Cosmetic surgery includes both surgical and non surgical procedures which are used to enhance ones appearance.
  • There are certain risks and limitations towards cosmetic surgery.
  • You can alter or reshape any part of your body however it is good to keep your expectations realistic.
  • You may think of improving your appearance but if its perfection you are looking for than it might be a bit too drastic. The result may not be achieved in just one procedure and you might have to undergo cosmetic surgery a number of times to achieve that perfect look. Something which all good cosmetic surgeons advise against.
  • Be aware that cosmetic surgery can be pretty expensive. Another thing to consider is that such sort of surgeries isn’t covered in your insurance plan either. The procedure can range anywhere from a few hundreds to thousands of dollars.
  • You should be aware that cosmetic surgery comes with its own set of risks. You may either be dissatisfied with what you look like or there could be a surgical complication or an infection might set in.
  • It may take anywhere from a few days to weeks to recover from plastic surgery. Complete bed rest ensures that the risks are minimal and there are no complications.

Finding the Right cosmetic Surgeon in Melbourne

If you have already decided to undergo a cosmetic procedure the time has come to look for the right cosmetic surgeon. Keep the following things in mind

  • Ask around. Visit this page if it’s the first time you are searching for varicose vein treatment in Melbourne. If there is someone you know who might have recently used the services of someone for any cosmetic procedure, make sure you ask them about their experience.
  • Make sure you schedule a consultation. This way a one on one talk with your plastic surgeon could help you understand how they might work.
  • You need to have a certain comfort level with the cosmetic surgeon. This is because you are going to go through a pretty intimate experience and one which should be easy and acceptable for you. That is why it’s equally important to go for someone with whom you share a comfortable relationship
  • If a surgeon is not too keen to carry out a certain procedure on you, you may want to stick to this person. That’s because they have the right instincts and don’t want to indulge you in anything risky.
  • Beware of surgeons who charge a great deal less for a procedure even as simple as rhinoplasty. You may be surprised to know the number of botched up jobs performed by these quacks posing as plastic surgeons.

For more information on anti-wrinkle injections, click here to find specialists that you can contact.

Car Financing And How It Works


Have you read about car financing in the past? Do you really want to know more about it? Do you have the skills to negotiate with a seasoned car sales agent? Do you know that it is possible to finance a car through dealership? Do you know that the person financing the car would be working on commission? This small article will open your eye to a lot of possibilities about car financing.

Some of the things that get added on the last of the deal includes, but not limited to the following:

  • Alarm systems
  • Undercoating, and
  • Warranties

Dealers usually make a lot of money from these options. It is the sole duty of the finance person to educate you about the terms and conditions of the contract;

  • the interest rate you would have to pay, and
  • It is up to you to know whether you are getting the real deal plus some things you would really need to watch out for.

If you are buying the car, it means you are solely financing it via either of the following:

  • A family member
  • Credit union
  • Bank
  • Dealership and/ or
  • Online financial institute

If you are opting to finance your car instead of paying cash, then it is necessary to do a proper homework- this will help you to get a great financing deal.

Why paying cash is said to be the best option

car-leasing-contractOvertime, people have opted for paying cash. This section will teach you why paying cash would be in your best interest:

  • Pay cash if you have a poor credit rating, and would be paying a high interest rate
  • If you are indebted to a lot of people or organizations already, but have some cash with you and wouldn’t like to damage your credit rating.
  • You can use a novated lease calculator to work out the best deal before signing anything

Now, let us talk about pros and cons of car financing. This will surely help you to determine the suitable rate for you.

Sources of car lease financing

The good news is that you can obtain a good car lease in several ways:



  • fast,
  • efficient,
  • highly competitive and
  • convenient


  • high pressure

Credit union or bank


  • personal service
  • competitive rates, and
  • no sales pitch
  • offers disability or free life insurance policy
  • provides simple interest loans


  • difficult to set up, and not very convenient to users.

Online financial institution


  • quick
  • easy
  • competitive rates


  • you are dealing with an unknown or familiar corporation
  • it is not a personal service
  • there are chances you might be scammed and many more.

Home equity loan


  • competitive rates
  • interest can be deducted from your taxes


  • it might be risky to tie your car to your home

Friend or family member


  • easy
  • fast
  • competitive rates
  • flexible
  • personal service


  • this could jeopardize a flourishing relationship

Top 40 Wedding Party Venues In Melbourne

Amazing venue hire in Melbourne

Do you want to hold your wedding events in Adelaide? There are so many amazing places you can hold the event. You will inspire and captivate the attention of your guests if you can hold your wedding event in a beautiful place.

Adelaide is certainly a beautiful place to be any day any time. If you browse through the internet, you will discover that there are so many elegant reception and luxurious venues. You can rightly get the event you want for your upcoming wedding, if you do a careful search.

No matter the type of wedding you wish to have, you must definitely find the right venue for you. If you are planning for a wedding, there are some amazing wedding planners in Adelaide that can assist you with preparations. They will walk you through wedding decorations to wedding flowers.

What’s the best wedding party venue in Melbourne?

Champagne celebration at a venueThere are so many wedding venues to choose from- it is your obligation to make sure that your budget rightly suits the venue you intend to hire. When deciding on function rooms in Melbourne it’s important to find one that provides the most value for money.

It is highly recommended that you take time to search through the available wedding venues and make your choice on time, so that there won’t be any issue with finding the right wedding venue.

If you are confused on which function venues in Brisbane to select, you can contact an event planner, stylist or photographer for some ideas.

To help you in the search, we have compiled a list of top rated 40 wedding venues in Adelaide. Feel free to browse about each of them and then make your selection:

  • Adelaide pavilion
  • Adelaide festival centre
  • Adelaide sailing club
  • Adelaide Royal coach
  • Ayres House
  • Auge Ristorante
  • Botanic Gardens
  • Cos Restaurant
  • Brighton function centre
  • Glenelg Esca
  • Cucina North Adelaide
  • Georges on Waymouth
  • Hotel Richmond Adelaide
  • Hilton Adelaide
  • Flagstaff Hill Golf club
  • Hotel Tivoli
  • Largs Pier Hotel
  • Martini Ristorante
  • Majestic Roof Garden
  • Old Claredon Inn
  • Mount Lofty House
  • Osmond Terrace Function centre
  • Sea cliff Beach Hotel
  • Sanctuary Adelaide Zoo
  • Singapore House
  • National wine centre
  • South Australian museum
  • Stamford plaza
  • St mark’s college
  • Francis Winery Resort
  • Kilda Beach Hotel
  • Stella Restaurant
  • The Bay function centre
  • The old cave Revnella
  • The Edinburg
  • The Lakes Resort Hotel
  • Adelaide hills
  • Port Lincoln, and
  • Barossa


All these places remain ideal locations for your wedding. If you go online, you will see some amazing reviews left by those that have overtime used these places for their wedding events. Read through their experiences, and you will be inspired.

It may interest you to know that some of them provide outdoor catering services to their clients- all of these are geared towards making sure you get the wedding of your dream. Take some time to go through each of these venues, before finally making up your mind to use them. We hope you will be happy you did.

Was this article really helpful to you? We will like to hear your stories if you used any of these places for your upcoming wedding reception.